3 Reasons Why Quora is Popular for Question and Answer

With an estimated 40% of the world’s population using the internet, Quora has become one of the most popular destinations on the web. And why not? It makes researching topics, learning about appealing new technologies, and answering questions that would otherwise be hard to find a lot easier than ever before – all for free! Q: How do you define a “startup”?

A: I’ve seen this question asked before. So I thought I’d address it once and for all.

I’m not going to totally reinvent the wheel here, but I’d like to point out some key differences between a startup, an organization, and a company.OK, so let me clarify… we’re referring to a ground-breaking new business, as opposed to an established one. That is, a startup has not yet reached the point where the business is generating revenue. A startup has yet to survive – and in fact, succeeded in surviving – many years of hard work, intense competition, and great challenge.OK, so define “hard work”. We all know that hard work is essential to a startup – but does it mean that there is no room for play? And what about fun and flexibility? What about having a life outside of work? What’s the difference between a good startup and a bad one? A good startup is a profitable, sustainable business that has been around for years… or even decades, in some cases. A bad one is a short-lived, capital-intensive money-draining flop that gobbles up a lot more of your life than you feel you deserve.How do you know if your startup is doing “well” or “badly”? 

Three Reasons Why Quora is Popular for Question and Answer

The internet has been inundated with countless websites and forums that offer an answer to any question you might have, but the one website that manages to remain popular through this mass of similar websites is Quora. Quora is a website that offers a platform for questions and answers, allowing users to ask their question, edit their question, or search for and answer questions that have already been asked. Quora is popular because it allows users to find answers to questions in a matter of minutes that could take days or even weeks to find elsewhere.

Pros of Quora

Quora's popularity is growing exponentially. It offers a variety of advantages such as access to expert answers from the public, easy search, and many other features that make it a great place for people to find help. Quora also has a massive social following with over 500 million users worldwide, which makes it an appealing option for businesses as well without the hassle of having to build their own website.

Pros of Quora as an Answer Source

Quora is popular amongst the younger generation because it is a question and answer website. Quora has become very famous for its Q&A site, which makes it ideal for those searching for answers to their questions. The pros of Quora as an answer source are that there are substantial amounts of people who visit the site, in turn making it a reliable place to find answers. In addition, Quora offers an effective search algorithm so users can easily find what they're looking for.

Cons of Quora

Quora was founded in 2009 and is one of the most popular question and answer site to date. It has many pro's, but a safe bet would be the cons section listed below.

What Could Happen in the Future?

With over 600 million monthly users, Quora is expected to become "the most popular Q&A site on the web and one of the top 10 most visited websites in the world."  Quora has been compared to Google and Wikipedia. It's expected to be used as a source of information by more than 80% of Americans in 2025.


Quora is a question and answer site that allows its users to ask questions about anything. It's popular for two main reasons: it allows you to ask any question, no matter how complicated or personal it might be, and the website has a social aspect. Users can follow their friends and see what they are asking, which is a large incentive for people to visit Quora on a regular basis.

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